Atheists Pressure Iowa Town to Remove Nativity from Courthouse Lawn

Christmas is a season where people reunite to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus. Remembering this event should bring joy for everyone. However, some residents of an Iowa town think another way.

Atheists Pressure Iowa Town to Remove Nativity from Courthouse Lawn

A group of atheist had a city council meeting on Monday to speak out against the removal of a Nativity scene off the courthouse lawn, although their opposition didn’t change the stance of council members.

According to KCCI, the Nativity was at first place on the Appanoose County Courthouse lawn in Centerville Nov. 18, but due to a complaint, it was moved to a private lot Dec. 9.

Residents wanted the Nativity’s return on the Courthouse lawn and over 1,000 people signed a petition supporting the Nativity’s return to the courthouse lawn, according to KCCI.

“I would die for my God!” Centerville resident Kathy Perry said.

Perry blamed Centerville officials.

“I feel like the council members that were involved with this, that did have a say, were cowards,” she said.

But Centerville city council members said the Nativity would stay on private property.

“We do not rule by majority, because if there was one person that lived in Centerville, then we have to represent them as well, even if it does not agree with your particular (view),” said council member Jay Dillard.

Beau Reeves, a self-described atheist, supported the council’s action.

“I shouldn’t have to see baby Jesus on the courthouse lawn,” Reeves said.

However, pastor of the Solid Rock Church of God Tony Angran launched the petition and asked the council members to return the Nativity.

Source: Christian Headlines


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