Atheist Multi-Millionaire now proclaims God’s love after his daughter´s healing.


The multi-Millionaire Michael McIntyre from Dallas, Texas, found financial success in an insurance business. He was living the good life of success some people want to achieve, but suddenly, that changed one day when his daughter was rushed to the ER.

Atheist Multi-Millionaire now proclaims God´s love after his daughter healing

Although he grew up in a Catholic home, he was mad at God because had trouble reconciling the reality of evil in the world.

 “I was very successful financially, but I did not like anything to do with evangelical Christianity. I figured there was God but I didn’t see Him as holy because of all the things going on in the world , death, rape, wars and that kind of thing,” he explained.

“One day my daughter got really really sick. We took her to the hospital and spent eight hours in the ER and it was really difficult,” he said, according to CBN News. “At the end of the day, we were exhausted – but she was OK.”

The harrowing ordeal reminded Michael of something his mother always said to him when he was younger. “She said whenever something good happens, thanks God.” Michael remembered those words from his mother. He knew money gave him the opportunity to pay the hospital or the medicine, but God gave his daughter what money can´t buy a miracle of healing.

 “So I went outside and thanked God for about an hour. I was so thankful. I kept thanking him.” He said.

Michael thanked God over and over. But it was later that night that things got really interesting. “That night I had a dream, and in this dream, this voice spoke to me in a language I did not understand. I didn’t tell my wife about it, but I called my brother to tell him about this dream,” Michael explained.

My brother understood the dream immediately and started crying. “What does it mean?” I asked. “You’re welcome,” he answered.

What Michael didn´t know was that for years, his brother and over 1,000 other people had been praying for his salvation. Those prayers were answered.

From that moment on, God opened Michael’s eyes. The Bible took on new meaning for Michael. He understood what it said and found deep comfort in its words.

Now, Michael is helping Christians re-ignite their faith and discover who God really designed them to be in life. “I never thought I’d work in a church or be an executive pastor or anything like that,” Michael admits.

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