Atheist doctor reads the Bible to confront Christians and ends up converting to Christianity

Atheist converted to Christ when he decided to read the Bible to confront Christians, moments in which he expresses “God reveals himself to us”.

Dr Grag Lehman was a multimillionaire atheist. He always refused to believe in God because he wanted to pay attention to materials things that could not give him what he was looking for.

He said that he was from one thing to another, he bought a new car, but how it didn’t give him what he wanted, he used to do other things like buying new clothing, going on a trip, etc.

During his entire life he was proud of him because although he did not believe in God, he was still a successful man. He had money, got married, and had kids. Until that moment, he has reached all he wanted.

But one day, he decided to read the Bible to confront his Christian neighbors.

The bad feeling he had inside made him be in a bad mood and an arrogant behavior, not only with his “enemies” (The Christian neighbors), but also with his family.

While he was Reading the Bible, the same word of God confronted him. The Word of God did such an amazing work that made him recognize the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his life on earth as a purpose of salvation for the human race.

He was dumbfounded by the Gospels’ claim that Jesus was God in the flesh.

 “That quickly got my attention because I realized if that did happen, it was the most important event in history,” he said. “I forgot about the neighbors and set out to find out if this really happened.”

After weeks of studying and researching, he realized everything about Christianity hinged on the resurrection.

One day, he finished a medical consultation with his usual “Do you have any questions?”

The walk-in patient stared at him and asked: “Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as you personal Savior?”

 “I about passed out,” he said. “Why was he asking me this? Who is this guy? I bolted out of the room because I didn’t know what to do.”

 “There were things in my life I wanted to change, the anger and the frustration. But I didn’t have the power to change,” he said. “It kind of all culminated with me breaking down and crying and asking God to forgive me. I repented of my sins and asked Him to change me.”

He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He was alone at home. And the next morning, he felt an inexplicable and unaccustomed tranquility. It was a miracle!

“I was completely peaceful,” he said. “Something was really different. I had been changed.”

Finally, he believed in miracles!

“Since the day I was saved, I’ve never felt alone. I’ve never felt empty. I’ve never felt all that discontentment and stuff.”

“Every other religion is man seeking God. Christianity is God seeking man. The real test of Christianity is you call on Him, you put Him to the test, He’s not just going to forgive your sins, He’s going to show you so that you know that it’s true. That’s the big difference.”


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