Atheism will be part of the London public school curriculum


In all public schools in London, Atheism will be included in students’ subject planning as a subject to be studied during the coming school years, according to reports from the Religious Education Commission.

Atheism will be part of the London public school curriculum

This organization has declared that changes in a world that is so pluralistic are “necessary”. Therefore, the new subject that these young people would see will be called Religion and Cosmovision. Within it, not only will atheism be exposed as the main theme, but also humanism and secularism as arguments to study and discuss.

The words of the Religious Education Commission have been firm, “the young people of today are in a world where there is diversity of religions and they will have to live with people who have different visions of the world, it is enough to look at the newspapers to know that it is impossible to understand so many things of the world without first studying their different visions”.

Add to this, that this new subject is `esencial´ for the formation of young people in a planet full of controversy about religion and thus they will be able to clarify the doubts that other people have because of their misinformation.

“It’s a new beginning,” says Dr. John Hall, also known as the Very Reverend, who was director of the organization; but others think they’ve already gone too far by including such studies that go against the integrity and academic value of the country’s institutions.

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