At least 620 Nigerian Christians killed so far in 2020 by Boko Haram

According to a report from a Nigerian civil society organization persecution against Nigerian Christians still continue nowadays.

At least 620 Nigerian Christians killed so far in 2020 by Boko Haram

So far, since the beginning of 2020, Fulani radicals and Islamic terrorists killed around 620 Christians. Not only that, they also destroyed hundreds of homes, and many churches.

A statement released Thursday from the Anambra-based nongovernmental organization International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law, headed by Christian Emeka Umeagbalasi, highlighted how terrorists across Nigerian nation has caused a huge impact among people due to of the terrible attacks in 2020.

The report, based on days of forensic research, shows how militant Fulani herdsmen,  terrorists affiliated with Boko Haram and the Islamic State West Africa Province have “intensified their anti-Christian violence.” 

The group reports that the terrorists has killed an alarming amount of Christians in this nation during this year.

“No fewer than 620 defenseless Christians and wanton burning or destruction of their centers of worship and learning”, the group says.

According to the group’s statement, radicals of Fulani haved killed around 470 people in the first four-and-a-half months of 2020 and over 140 Christians from the beginning of April until May 14.

Meanwhile, Boko Haram is believed to have killed at least 150 Christians since January.

“The atrocities against Christians have gone unchecked and risen to alarming apogee with the country’s security forces and concerned political actors looking the other way or colluding with the Jihadists,” the organization said.

“Houses burnt or destroyed during the period are in their hundreds; likewise dozens of Christian worship and learning centers.”

The organization reported in a March statement that at least 350 Christians were killed in January and February, with Fulani radical attacks in the Middle Belt of Nigeria accounting for 250 of the deaths and Boko Haram terrorists accounting for between 50 to 100 killings.

“That’s more than the coronavirus.”

Violence against Christians in Nigeria continues amid the pandemic, Kajuru resident Alheri Magaji, who leads the nonprofit Resilient Aid and Dialogue Initiative, told The Christian Post that“[S]ince the COVID-19 lockdown on March 25, these Fulani herdsmen have killed 38 Southern Kaduna people, as of yesterday. That’s more than the coronavirus.”

According to Open Doors, Nigeria is one of the most violent countries in the world for Christians. It ranks as the 12th worst country in the world when it comes to Christian persecution on Open Doors USA’s 2020 World Watch List.

Nigeria was added to the U.S. State Department’s “special watch list” of countries that engage in or tolerate severe violations of religious freedom for the first time last December.

“It is a dangerous situation in too many parts of Nigeria,” U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback told reporters at the time. “The government has either not been willing to or have been ineffective in their response and the violence continues to grow.”

International advocacy groups have also raised concerns that the violence against Christians in Nigeria has reached the level of genocide.

Source: The Christian Post

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