Around 90,000 Jews Gather in New Jersey to Pray in the wake of deadly anti-Semitic attacks

More than 90,000 Jews gathered at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey on Wednesday to mark the end of a cycle of Talmudic study.

Thousands of Jews have participated in a shared religious feat, reading the same page of the Talmud every day until they finish all 38 volumes of that central text of Jewish religious law and rabbinical debates.

The task takes almost seven and a half years to complete and ends in a celebration. Jews all over the world take part in the movement known as Daf Yomi.

In this opportunity, the celebration also carried extra meaning in the wake of anti-Semitic attacks.

The Jewish community sent message of strength days after a stabbing in the house of a New York rabbi.

Despite weather conditions, the gathering offered a chance to affirm their faith in the face of those terrible acts.

“You can’t compare it completely, but we’re showing that we’re not going to allow these attacks to change our course, change our language, change our clothing, change our God,” said Daniel Retter.

Retter is an immigration lawyer. His parents escaped Austria under the Nazis and who participated in the Talmudic study with a dozen other members of his synagogue in the Bronx.

Daf Yomi “page of the day”

Daf Yomi  is a daily regimen of learning the Oral Torah and its commentariesin which each of the 2,711 pages of the Babylonian Talmud is covered in sequence. A daf, or blatt in Yiddish, consists of both sides of the page. Under this regimen, the entire Talmud is completed, one day at a time, in a cycle of seven and a half years.

Siyum HaShas

It is the celebration of the completion of the Daf Yomi program.


Source: The New York Times

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