«Apocalyptic weather in Australia» Hail rain, dust storm and flooding (SHOCKING IMAGES)

Apparently bad news for Australia doesn’t stop. First, tragic bushfires hit the southeast of the country; now the Australian nation has to deal with floods, hail and dust storms.

Media named this natural phenomenon “Apocalyptic weather” due to all what the nation is going through seems to be taken from a movie.

According to emergency services information, the hail storm in Canberra, the Australian capital, damaged public buildings, businesses, houses and cars, cut electricity, and caused flooding.

The rains and hail came with strong gusts of wind, very similar signs of a hurricane.

On the other hand, to the west of Australia, a cloud of red dust, coming from the state farms of New South Wales, 300 kilometers wide, advanced with gusts of wind up to 107 kilometers per hour in the cities of Dubbo, Broken Hill, Nyngan and Parkes.

Sunday’s dust storm was the second in central New South Wales in a week.

On social media, shocking images of dust and thunder storms, hail and the strong winds that hit the country are already circulating.

Here you have some videos

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