AMAZING TESTIMONY! Hurricane Irma died out by the effective prayer of a righteous man


With the strongest Atlantic Hurricane on record, Irma, ahead, prayer requests were sent to Dr. Jaerock Lee from Manmin’s missionaries and believers; Dr. Mikhail Morgulis, President of Spiritual Diplomacy; Pastor Mark Bazalev, World Holiness Center; Pastor Vitaliy Fishberg, The Wisdom and Power of God Manmin Church; Pastor Gennadiy Zavaliy ministering to a major church for Russian-speaking people in New York; and many other Russian American pastors in the U.S

Dr. Morgulis said, “I was told Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed to God for it on September 8. Afterwards the hurricane subtly changed its course and rushed into the western land passing by the eastern coast in which there are many major cities. Meanwhile it lost its strength and weakened to a tropical storm. The power of faith and prayer is so powerful.”

God manifests His deep love for souls by showing the powerful works of controlling the meteorological phenomena.

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