After 70 years of marriage, they died holding hands


It is time for you to know about the story of Francis Ernest Platell and Norma June Platell, a great couple that has amazed and touched many on social network due to the commitment they showed to each other for being together “until death separates them”.

After 70 years of marriage, they died holding hands

On January 25 in Perth, Australia, they died together holding hands after being married for 70 years. The couple was found by a nurse who quickly informed the responsible doctor that certified the death of the couple at the same time.

One of their daughters, Amanda Platell, decided to share the story of this Christian couple who was known for being hardworking.

According to the people who were around them, it is said that they met during adolescence and after a while the got married.

Amanda wrote to the Brithish media Daily mail “All those who knew this Christian couple, ordinary and hardworking understood that they formed an extraordinary thing: their love story of 70 years”.

Now, they have fulfilled their vows of loving each other for the rest of his life.

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