Africans burn witchcraft things in powerful evangelical crusade


An evangelist was used greatly by God during a crusade in Africa. He was a tool to liberate and perform miracles to all the people who assisted to the event, where the most of them were non-believers.

Africans burn witchcraft things in powerful evangelical crusade.
Africans burn witchcraft things in powerful evangelical crusade.

Daniel Kolenda, performed a big crusade in Lomé, the biggest city of Togo, Africa, which lasted for three days. It was the scenario of many miracles for the people who were thirsty for the love of God because the witchcraft and demons that operated in people´s lives were casted out by a big God’s ministration thought this evangelist.

There is so much witchcraft and animism here. Every night, so many people manifest demons and receive liberation, said the evangelist.

Too many people who have not accepted Jesus as their savior yet wear witchcraft objects, until they get in contact with the message of salvation in this kind of events. It is unbelievable to see when they give total surrender Christ’s feet how they burn all the witchcraft they used to wear. During this act, Kolenda urges the people to throw off these things, helping them with praying and breaking every curse in them, in the name of Jesus.

We have been hearing wonderful testimonies of supernatural healing. One lady was paralyzed for eight months, from middle to down, she could not walk and she only drags on the floor. After praying, she was completely healed and she started to walk normally, testified the missioner.

Beside liberation ministered, Kolenda was also used by God for healing of all the assistants who assisted to the activity and he gave powerful testimonies of all happened, and that is still happening in Togo.

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