African tribe prays to God for world health of the Covid-19

In times of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been no shortage of opportunities for people to seek God, this is also the case with a group of people in Africa.

African tribe prays to God for world health of the Covid-19

Through a video, a group of Ghanaians prayed for God to heal the earth, especially, for the Brazilian nation.

These people belong to a tribal community that knew the gospel through Pastor Ronaldo Lidorio, who in a special way, he made them know Christ.

All this process is told by Lidorio in one of his books called “Konkombas”, where he relates the process of translating the Bible into a totally new and understandable language for these people; And so, he recorded a video where they pray for a speedy cure by Covid-19.

Besides that, one of the families that belongs to the tribal group made a three-day fast accompanied by prayer, so that there may be healing for those infected with the virus, including Lidorio and his wife.

“Brazil sent us the Gospel and now we pray for these distant people, for salvation, healing from the suffering of this dangerous disease and for faith strengthened in Christ,” said one of the people in a video.

“We also ask that each pastor, each missionary and each church have the peace of God these days,” he added.

Currently, Brazil is the country in Latin America that registers the highest number of Covid-19 infections, with large numbers in terms of cases of infection and deaths.

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