A TRUE MIRACLE! This is how people describe man’s dramatic rescue from tracks of California subway station

A terrifying but at the same time heroic moment caught to prove God´s mercy. A surveillance camera recorded the moment a man almost die in a horrendous way.

In the video, you can see when a drunk man took a false step and fell onto the tracks of the subway station just seconds before the train to get its destiny.

John O’Conner, a supervisor with San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transportation (SFBART) as soon as he saw what was happening jumped into action, pulling the man up a split-second before a train almost hits him.

NBC Bay Area reports the supervisor was watching over the crowd at the Coliseum Station after an Oakland Raiders-Detroit Lions game. When suddenly the man stumbled and fell onto the tracks just as a train was approaching.

O’Connor yelled at the man to return to the platform. However, the man didn´t pay attention due to his condition. That´s when O’Connor grabbed him by the shoulders and put him safe, in seconds.

In a tweet on Monday, Tony Badilla praised O’Connor, who has been with the agency as a “humble hero“. He described it as an “amazing” rescue.

Besides, he shared a video of the dramatic rescue in which you can also see O’Connor and the man hugging after the miraculous rescue.

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