A Guatemalan municipality chooses its “Miss Pandemic” in the midst of quarantine (VIDEO)

A municipality in Guatemala caused controversy and conflicting opinions by naming a Miss Pandemic beauty contest winner.

According to the publication, they celebrated the pandemic “in a big way”.

In the middle of the courtyard of a house, three young people with elegant dresses participating in the contest were standing in front of several attendees.

Held in Santa Catarina Mita Juanipa, a man congratulated one of the girls for winning the title of “Miss Covid-19”. The young lady who represented “Miss Pandemia” was the winner of the place.

The moment was captured in a 30-second video and uploaded to the local communicator’s social networks reporting that they were “celebrating the pandemic in a big way by choosing ‘Miss Covid-19′”, who instead of a crown, had a necklace as a prize.

It should be noted that none of the participants wore masks and none of those present observed any security measures such as social distancing.

This was not the only celebration in the midst of the pandemic, since a few weeks ago a party was held with many young people, who posted videos on their social networks “drinking from the same bottle”, “kissing or hugging each other” and “dancing without masks”, according to the digital newspaper El Mundo.

Currently, Guatemala is one of the countries that remain in quarantine due to the high number of cases of Coronavirus in the territory.

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