A biblical plant prophesied 2,000 years ago regrows in Israel

A plant with biblical origins is fulfilling a prophecy for Israel, even for scientists who work based on it.

The date palm is 2,000 years old and they are the same ones that accompanied the Jews when they left Egypt.

The seeds come from centuries before Christ

Science Advances is the company in charge of the project. It tested the seeds in 4 different countries. Each 2,000-year-old date palm seeds germinated positively in the company’s laboratories.

Experts collected thousands of Phoenix Dactylifera seeds, especially from archeological sites such as fortresses, palaces, caves and hills in Judea, in a period of years between 1963 and 1991.

Only 33 of them reacted positively when soaked in water and fertilizer. However, only six of these seeds successfully sprouted. They received the names of Jonah, Boaz, Judith, Hannah, and Adam.

These plants remained over time

The first experiment with this plant was done in 2005, which they called Methuselah. National Geographic reported years later the plant was originally from Egypt and served as a great help to grow others of the same species.

Sarah Sallon, director of the Louis L. Borick Natural Medicine Research Center, wants Hannah seed to become a big data tree to work together with Methuselah.

The radiocarbon that has in their shells constantly constant the date of their antiquity, Adam and Hannah son of the first centuries before Christ, Judith and Boaz son of the middle of the second century BC and finally, Uriel and Jonah son of the First centuries after Christ.

Several of them have healing properties, which are used in cases of respiratory problems, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer.

Jewish tradition states that the children of Israel left Egypt with small palm seeds, which served for the continuity of this country’s legacy.

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