A ball fractures face of an England hockey player, but he still fights for career

Sam Ward plays for Great Britain and England. During an Olympic qualifier against Malaysia, a terrible accident occurred, a ball hit his head.


 This would have probably changed his life, but Ward stays encouraged. He told the CNN Sports the following:

“Reports that I am retiring are completely not true and never were true.

It’s rumor mill … I do have some sight loss in my left eye but I still have peripheral vision and a fully functioning right eye.”

The 28-year-old player posted photos through his Instagram account showing the marks the incident left on his head.

In the pictures, you can see the extensive stapling that weaved through the middle of his skull.

Ward underwent surgery on November 13. He suffered “six or seven fractures” to the side of his eye and cheekbone.

Last week, he saw a number of eye specialists and acknowledged that the time scale for his recovery is still unknown. However, he said “I will work hard, train hard, and put myself in the best shape possible. It’s a waiting game.”

, though he acknowledged he needs to “sit back for a bit and give it a rest in the build up to Christmas,” before starting to rehabilitate in January.

GB Performance Director Ed Barney said “Sam has suffered a very serious injury.

At present, our focus is on supporting Sam to the best possible extent and ensuring that he has access to the best medical provision and wider support. The players and staff wish Sam well during this challenging period.

Source: CNN Sports

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