“There will be a catastrophic apostasy before the coming of Christ,” says theologian John Piper

Two important features of Christ’s second coming may be fulfilling as described by the theologian John Piper.

Piper during one of her “Desiring God” sermons.

Deception and a state of hysteria is what precedes the second coming of Christ, along with that would come a first and “catastrophic apostasy” against God, according to Piper.

“This rebellion must be about more than the ups and downs of the Christian walk. Paul is referring to the top. Something decisive and remarkable. Something that is recognized as overwhelming and catastrophic in the church,” the pastor explained for the Desiring God website.

“Before the second coming, there will be a decisive, marked and catastrophic rebellion against God, Christ and His people, inside and outside the church: all nations hate the church from the outside and love is cold from the inside,” he said.

And using the verse from Matthew 24:9-13, explain each of the characteristics that will occur when the coming of the Lord draws near, so that all may be aware of what is to come.

“The crisis will eventually be easy to identify. Jesus said that there will be a time when you will be able to stand up and lift up your head, because your redemption is near,” he explained, referring to Luke 21:28.

The second characteristic revealed by Piper is the revelation of the Antichrist, as a man of illegality, which she lists:

  1. He’s a man. A human. He’s not an angel. He’s not a demon.
  2. He’s essentially outlawed. He’s called the man of anarchy. He considers himself absolutely above the law. He does not consider himself subject to any law or any legislator.
  3. As a man, he comes, however, by the power of Satan. Therefore, as a man, he will have supernatural power.
  4. Therefore, the lawless man will be unmatched in his ability to deceive.

“This rebellion and this lawless man are at the height of the end of the age. They are closed and undone by the glorious appearance of the coming of the Lord. The man of lawlessness will create the great apostasy and rebellion, making injustice seem more pleasant than the truth,” he said.

He states within his exposition, that these signs will happen not because people are aware of them or because they expect them to happen, but because the population will be more comfortable in the injustice than in the reality they live.

As final advice, Piper urges pastors to live by the word, keep in prayer and preach so that everyone can even give their lives so that justice in Christ may reign over all things.

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