7-month-old baby abortion causes outrage in the Christian people of Colombia

The Christian people in Colombia have started to talk again about the criminalization of abortion after knowing the death of a 7-month-old baby.

Apparently, according to some people’s information, the couple involved was happy with the news of having a baby at first. However, the mother denied this statement. She said it was not true because that news only brought a lot of pressure to her affirming she almost abandons her university career.

Pressure for an unwanted baby

The boy’s father, Juan Pablo Medina, says that this decision was made without his consent since he was willing to take care of the child and leave his studies to support him financially.

The mother, on the other hand, said she felt a lot of pressure from both families. Besides, she said that she was not happy about the situation, so she went to an abortion clinic based on her suffering from “stress and anxiety” affirming that she needed to do it.

With the advanced gestational age, the doctors performed the abortion despite the campaign that the child’s father made in favor of the baby’s life. Medina denounced the young woman alleging “feticide” because he was against that idea.

The death of a 7-month-old baby causes outrage throughout Colombia

This case caused outrage in Colombia. For this reason, the Christian people decided to raise their voice against these actions.

We express being vehemently against the macabre practice of abortion. Pregnant moms have to be surrounded and accompanied, parents have the right to meet their children, ” the Evangelical Confederation of Colombia said.

We join the suffering of Juan Sebastián, especially that of his parents, and the pain that so many brothers and sisters feel for this tragic fact. We reaffirm how much we have expressed in our recent statements: That life is sacred, that abortion is an injustice, ”another religious organization in the country said.

Since 2006 it is allowed in Colombia to perform abortions only in three serious cases: for rape, poor formation of the fetus or risk of physical or mental health of the mother.

This case is taken in the Colombian Law as a homicide.

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