5 million Nigerians march against Christian persecution after three days of fasting

The Christian Association of Nigeria recently organized a march to end a three-day fast.

Five million Nigerians march against Christian persecution after three days of fasting

Approximately 5 million people joined this march to protest against the persecution of Christians in the nation.

In January alone, around 100 people died due to terrorism and the constant clashes between Muslims and Christians.

Around 5 million people in 28 of the 36 states of Nigeria marched last Sunday. The reason?  to protest against attacks and murders against the nation’s Christians, as well as denounce the government’s failure to stop them.

The Christian Organization of Nigeria (CAN) organized the march. During the event, participants showed posters with phrases such as: “Nigerian Christians are under attack. Buhari acts now », and« Our values ​​and way of life will prevail, murders will not ».

Although we have protested before, this event had a new dimension,” Samson Ayokunle, president of CAN, told the American Christian newspaper Christianity Today.

In January alone 100 people died

Ayokunle emphasized that together they said as one voice “no” to the murders, to the neglect of security, and also to the persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

It’s a wake-up call to the government,” he said.

In January alone, 100 deaths were registered; due to the constant clashes between Muslims and Christian farmers.

According to the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria for the state of Kogi, John Ibenu, “I CANNOT tolerate ineptitude and will not remain silent, because we must be the voice of the voiceless and trampled.”

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) pronounced and denounced violence against Christians in the country. Besides that, this organization also questioned the Nigerian government.

We urge President Buhari and the Nigerian government to put an end to these attacks, decisively fighting the impunity prevailing in the murders and guaranteeing institutional responsibility,” wrote Ephraim Tendero, WEA Secretary General in a signed statement.

The Alliance also urged Christians around the world to “join our Nigerian brothers and sisters in prayer and fasting to end violence, for peace and security to prevail, and for the wisdom of Nigerian authorities.

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