4th July Eclipse becomes a warning from Israel to America

An eclipse predicted for the 4th and 5th of July will be enjoyed throughout the American continent giving way to the possible fulfillment of a prophecy for the people of Israel.

The eclipse marks the possible fulfillment of a prophecy for Israel and other countries.

The so-called “Thunder Moon” will coincide with this penumbral eclipse in what appears to be a season full of thunderstorms according to what the almanacs in the USA reflect.

It seems that while this is happening in the US, a prophecy is being fulfilled in Israel, which is triggered by the event.

Bad Omen

The prophecy says that if Israel is forced by other nations to give up its rightful land, a foreign leader “will have to pay with his life,” according to the Breaking Israel News website.

In a great part of America, the eclipse will be visible with a silvery moon that will be in its splendor from the 4th to the 5th of the present month, which will last 30 minutes after midnight. In other locations, the astronomical event will last 3 hours.

“Message from God”

The Moon of Thunder is part of the end of three consecutive astronomical events that mark the ” eclipse season.

According to the rabbi who settles in King David’s tomb, Yosef Berger, this eclipse contains “clearly a message from God,” citing the book of Genesis to support his statement.

The interpretation of “the signs” referred to in Genesis 1:14 will serve to let everyone know that “it is the time of the Final Redemption,” and that God uses nature to express himself better.

“The sun and the moon are how God will announce the Final Redemption, so everyone can see and everyone will have the ruach hakodesh (holy spirit, prophetic ability) to understand,” Rabbi Berger explained.

“This was also true before the Exodus in Egypt, when all the Jews were given the prophetic ability to understand that it was time. Unfortunately, even then, some chose not to leave Egypt.”

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What the rabbi argues is that many do not know how to interpret the signs that God gives through nature and even more so if it is for Israel, since eclipses are a representation of “bad omen” for his people.

A study of the Talmud explains that since Israel is spiritually represented by the moon, it means an evil omen. If the eclipse occurs towards the east, the nations of the east will suffer, but if it occurs towards the west, it is a bad omen for the western countries.

An important piece of information that Rabbi Berger contributed to conclude is that this event occurs when the votes for the annexation of territory to Israel end.

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