1,700 Cambodians Come to Christian Faith during Evangelical Festival

Heavens rejoice due to many people decided to receive the gift of salvation during an Evangelical Festival. Around 1,700 Cambodians accepted Christ as their saviour in a majestic event.

1,700 Cambodians Come to Christian Faith during Evangelical Festival

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association hosted the activity.

Evangelist Franklin Graham addressed thousands in attendance at the “Love Phnom Penh Festival” in the nation’s capital.

“Tonight you can be forgiven, but you’ve got to be willing to come to Jesus,” Graham declared. “You have a choice tonight. You can accept Jesus Christ or you can reject Him.”

Franklin spoke on Sunday night’s final session:

“Did you know that you have a soul?” Graham asked the multitude. “One day you will die, but your soul continues to live… Your soul will live in the presence of God, or it will be separated from God. The decision you make tonight will decide where your soul will spend eternity.”

With the amazing news of people getting saved nothing but happiness surrounded the place. People were talking about the amazing things God was doing in their lives.

 “I feel very happy and joyful,” one lady, Chhimreth, declared after making the decision to follow Jesus.

Once more God glorified the name of Jesus Christ by filling people’s empty space in their lives and giving them the joy the needed after many violent incidents related to religious freedom.


Between 1975-1979, at least 1.5 million people were murdered by the “Khmer Rouge” , a violent communist mob led by Cambodian dictator, Pol Pot.

At this point, it is good to mention that the translator helping portray the gospel to those in attendance at the BGEA festival was a man named Barnabas Mam; one of just 200 Christians who survived the genocide.

“The church here has suffered so much as a result of the Khmer Rouge,” Graham said in a video taken at the event. “Almost a third of the population here was murdered. Today, the church has risen up out of the ashes. See what’s happened here… God is working in this country!”

With the 1,700 Cambodian new believers over the weekend, Franklin hopes that this will be the beginning of a new era for evangelistic work in this deeply scarred nation.

Source: CBN News

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