16,000 Christians in the US flood the streets and prostrate themselves before God crying out for peace

Thousands of Christians in the US took to the streets to perform multiple prayer services for their nation.

Photos taken on the day of the activity on the streets of San Diego, USA.

The movement called “We Pray San Diego” brought together different churches on the streets for a common purpose: that is to ask God for peace in the hearts of the people of the place.

At least 135 churches participated in this movement, resulting in a total of 16,000 people praying and evangelizing on the streets.

Rock Church Pastor Miles McPherson highlighted the great participation of the Christian people in the movement in the midst of so many terrible events that have hit the country in a few months this year.

“We just want to bring the love of God and the power of God into every community in San Diego and all the people to bring us all together,” McPherson said.

“God can heal all of the unrest, he can bring good out of evil and good out of pain. We’re going to see, I believe, a transformation of San Diego and our country as we go through this,” he added.

Christians flooded the streets in at least 7 different places in the city of San Diego. They bowed down on their knees and raised their hands to God in one cry.

Pastor McPherson expresses that the fruit of this massive action will be seen in the coming days, which will be reflected in the life and heart of each of the residents.

Political Leaders also joined to the activity

And not only people “from the neighborhood” joined in prayer, political leaders and congressmen from the town expressed their support through the online broadcasts of each of the services.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, believers in Jesus have risen from every city in the US to appease violence with the love of Christ.

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