150 people violently beat pastor when praying for a sick man in India

In India, a group of 150 people attacked and violently beat a pastor while praying for a sick man in the community.

Attacks on Christians in India – reference image.

From Telengana state, a group of 150 people in the community attacked pastor Suresh Rao when he was praying for a sick person; Rao said that the mistreatment he received was too harsh.

“They kicked me like I was a soccer ball,” Christian Christian Concern told Christian media that they dragged him across the city almost to the neighboring village of Kolonguda.

“They dragged me out onto the street and threw me on the ground. They started stepping on me, ripped my clothes off, kicked me all over my body and hit my left eye. I suffered a serious eye injury as a result of a blood clot,” he added.

According to local witnesses, Pastor Rao arrived at the home of the sick person around 9:30 am to pray for her, and that just minutes later crowd of people led by a man named Ashok surrounded the property.

There, the leader of the group of people claimed that the pastor only went to the scene to make Hindus convert to Christianity; Rao understands that because of his faith he is willing to endure this type of persecution.

“I will continue to serve the people”

“They said that India is a Hindu nation and that there is no place for Christians. I am prepared for this type of event. I know the cost of serving Jesus in these remote villages and I will continue to serve the people of this region,” confessed the pastor.

This attack is one of the 8 that the country registered in two weeks of “partial relaxation” of the quarantine due to Coronavirus.

There are laws in this country that condemn the conversion of Hindus to Christianity, yet none have been convicted of such an act, yet these laws allow Christians to suffer all kinds of defamation and attack by their persecutors.

According to reports published by Christian Concern and Christian Post, today, India ranks 10th on the list of countries persecuted for the cause of Christianity; even during the pandemic, the attacks continued and are reaching a large scale as the days pass by.

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