110,000 young people with special needs are honored at a Christian event

For the sixth consecutive year, Christian sportsman Tim Tebow celebrates “Night to Shine”. It is an event where teenagers with special needs are treated like queens and kings.

According to reports, approximately 110,000 guests were honored in more than 700 churches around the world that made the event.

Tebow, who recently married the Former Miss Universe 2017, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, attended one of the celebrations he held in Florida, according to WCTV.

“It’s my favorite night of the year, having the chance to celebrate humanity and show God’s love to the world, it’s just so special to me,” he said.

The famous athlete thanked all those who collaborated to make a difference in the hearts of so many people.


Just finished Night to Shine here in Tallahassee and it was unbelievable. Over 1,000 kings and queens were honored here tonight, thousands of volunteers – it was absolutely incredible. Thank you to all the churches and volunteers and prayer warriors that have been a part of this and help make this happen,” Tebow said

We are so grateful for you. Thank you for being part of this team, movement, and effort to value life and people and believe that we can come together and make a difference…I do believe that we are making a difference,” he added.

The emotional reaction from the public

The main mission of this event is to provide faith, hope, and love to those who need a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

People who attended the event shared videos and images of the night on different platforms.

«Thank you @timtebow for putting on this amazing event! I had so much fun! “Bri Pievac tweeted.

Jordan George wrote:“I could tell God was working and tugging on people’s hearts tonight! Love all around”



Kevin Wright said he was grateful to be part of the incredible experience.


Recently, the Tim Tebow Foundation launched a new ministry called “Shine On.”

About this, the foundation wrote on their website: “It is our hope, our prayer, and our belief that God will use Shine On to encourage and equip each and every church to continue loving, celebrating, and living out the Gospel to those with special needs in a way that goes far beyond Night to Shine.”

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