103-year-old woman recovered from Covid-19 successfully

The woman did not suffer from any previous illnesses, and after receiving treatment for approximately six days, she was able to leave the hospital where she was.

In China, Zhang Guangfen, a 103-year-old woman left the hospital facilities where she is hospitalized after recovering from Covid-19, of which she was infected.

For six days, Guangfen received treatment, which was fully effective, since, according to the information provided by the Daily Mail portal, she was recently discharged.

With her 103 years, she has become the oldest woman to beat Coronavirus. It only exceeds the previous patient by two years.

Daily Mail collected statements from Zeng Yulan, the woman’s doctor, who explained to the press that the lady recovered in less than a week because she had no other illness.

Zhang was escorted by a group of doctors outside the hospital at the time of her discharge.

The elderly woman has been in the Liyuan Hospital of the Tongji Medical School since March 1st, the day she was diagnosed with the virus.

A miraculous recovery

In order for the old woman to recover, she had to receive care 24 hours a day. The nurses caring for her had to take turns feeding and changing her.

Zhang Guangfen is not the first centennial to beat the Coronavirus, according to reports.

A 101-year-old man has also managed to recover after spending a week in the hospital battling Covid-19.

The doctor who treated him said that Dai, as the old man is known, was “energetic” when he left the hospital.

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