10 Commandments Monument Destroyed in U.S. Amid Anti-Racist Riots

A man in the U.S. was arrested when he tore down a monument containing the 10 Commandments using his truck.

Statues and monuments of this kind are being torn down by anti-racist movements.

Montana City police authorities arrested a 30-year-old man named Anthony Weimer, who tore down this monument with his truck on Saturday afternoon.

According to police reports, Weimer took the monument out and dragged it down the street with the help of a chain in his truck and then left it behind.

The arrest came after police tracked down his vehicle. The man now faces felony charges of “criminal mischief.”

Weimer’s vandalism is not the first to be recorded by police, as he already has a history of causing a series of fires with damage valued at $50,000 in 2013.

The Ten Commandments as a monument was given to the county in 1950 and belongs to a group of granite slabs outside the local courthouse.

This type of vandalism follows countless anti-racism protests in the United States, which have led to the removal of several ancient statues containing white people.

Likewise, they’re asking for the removal of the statue of Abraham Lincoln from Lincoln Park in Washington DC.

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